Wild Card

This is me. These words create who I am. In our everyday life, we let what other people say and what we see determine who were are. While sometimes this can be a positive movement, it can be the most damaging thing imaginable to other. People become the antagonist because they feel better when they hurt others. Some of the world’s greatest heroes are beaten and bruised every day because of the harsh words people say about them. People let words become them instead of breaking out from the rules people keep them trapped in. My words are my inspiration. The words making up this picture are from “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost (my favorite poem), “We wear the Mask” by Laurence Paul Dunbar (a strong inspiration for this portfolio), “Poison and Wine” by the Civil Wars (a favorite song of mine), and then some random words I have used to describe myself along with what others have described me by. For so long I let what other people thought of me make me who I was. I forgot who I wanted to be on my own. The words that I have echoing in my head from this¬†kaleidoscope of words are simply: depressed, frightened, loved, doubted, passed, and difference. As an actress, it is imperative what others think of us and who were are as people; yet at the same time, actors have to be bred to have a thick skin. We can not let what people say or think about us stop us from reaching our goals, moving on to bigger and better things. People all hide behind the mask of words built up for us. However it’s up to the strength and will of the person hiding if they want to show off the beauty of the face behind the mask, instead of hiding behind it forever. Every person is beautiful enough to go on without their masks; but in the end, no one can take it off for them. Removing the mask that covers a person’s true soul is the only way to be one of the few who took the road less traveled by.


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